Points of Light! Thrive At Life: Working Solutions

Thrive At Life: Working Solutions is a safe place to shine your light on workplace bullying, domestic violence, environmental activities. Gee, it is the whole nine yards (using a football analogy).

As a consultant, I am available for sense making in workplace bullying. Yes, I do charge a very modest fee. I also work on environmental issues which are near and dear to my heart – like clean air, water, and soil.

Do you really want to know my views? Read my posts and here are a few quotes:

We have to acknowledge that most women have been socialized to be silent in mistreatment of self, to be shamed, blamed, and made guilty that bullying has occurred (p. 268)

Peggy Ann Berry in Toxic Nursing

…this also requires a choice of accountability for our own actions, for our own accountability to change at the peer level and push it up through that hierarchy and demand the cultural change of the organization for all employees (p. 269)

Peggy Ann Berry in Toxic Nursing

The wall is not a barrier. Only when we think it stops us does it become the barrier. – Peggy Berry

Shine the light together. I will accept guest bloggers