Grateful for Mentoring.

Sunset with the gold colors highlighted by the sun

As I was driving home one late evening, sunset was occurring. For the first time, I noticed how the sun’s rays touch the tips of the trees. I imagined the trees reaching up to touch the last rays of the sun before it set for the evening.

And, I am #grateful. I am grateful to really observe what was happening around me, had been happening all my life, but had not seen it before. I am grateful for this insight below.

I met with a new mentor yesterday. This man went from corporate attorney to college professor to #politician, #woke#environmental#activist, long before me. He is a #kindredsoul!

I reached out for that #mentorship, like a tree reaches for that #sunlight, even as the leaves turn their bright gold before winter.

May you feel the #blessings of your life! Have a great #Thanksgiving.

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