Leading A Passionate Life

First off, if you follow my LinkedIn posts, tweets, and Facebook, you know I have three strong passions in my life. First, my passion is to work with individuals and organizations to create and sustain physically and psychologically safe and healthy workplaces. My posts are made to raise awareness, running the gambit of discussing research data, confidential incidents associated with workplace bullying and mobbing, and forwarding other blogs on leadership, culture change, and communication with employees. Relationships live or die through communication that builds trust and authenticity.
My second passion is promoting occupational health nursing. Employers who use lay people to manage workers’ compensation are at a disadvantage if they do not use occupational health nurses in their HR or safety teams. I also believe organizations should use great interdisciplinary teams, including occupational health nurses. Occupational health nurses are instrumental in reducing costs associate with work injury, illness, and coordination of benefits of work and non-work medical issues as well as streamlining the costs associated with OSHA mandated compliance programs Any industry with over 100 employees doing manual labor should have an onsite or contracted occupational health nurse. Any white-collar industry over 300 employees focusing on reducing healthcare costs should have an onsite occupational health nurse for wellness and health promotion. Total Worker Health initiatives need to recognize occupational health nurses as the assets they are to industry.  
My third passion is clean air and water. From the perspective of primary prevention, organizations need healthy people to work and if the community has exposure to poor air and water quality, there are more sick days, cancers, and stillbirths and increased medical costs associated with that poor quality of air and water. As a nurse, primary prevention of illness and injury means a healthy environment, clean air and water. It is this third passion I want to write about today. 

If you are interested in clean air and water, there are several nonprofits you could support or volunteer. They need nurses, the most trusted profession in the US, to push forward clean air and to educate the public. However, they need all persons to push for clean air and water, which will positively affect the climate. Donations also appreciated. 

Several Ohio Nurses Association and American Association of Occupational Health nurses (myself included) attended a free educational program on how to create messages on climate change. The Alliance of Nurses for Health Environments organized and sponsored the program in Columbus. The program took place June 25th and 26th. Katie Huffling at katie@envirn.org was our hostess and it was an excellent program. For nurses who want to volunteer, consider ANHE and their go-to site on evidenced passed articles and positions.  

There are so many nonprofit environmental groups you can become involved. I will be highlighted. Ohio organizations as well. 
Linda Diamond from the American Lung Association in Ohio addressed the group about their focus and the need to recruit more nurses and doctors for Climate Health. Just follow the link below for that information. I did and submitted a statement. 
A representative from the Ohio Environmental Council, Melanie Houston (Director of Water Policy & Environment) came through to discuss issues with the group. They will be working on methane rules and grassroots training for activists and head to DC on September 17th and 18th to train and talk to Congress. Here is their website.  
You can also get involved by tweeting or placing FaceBook messages out there for #AsthmaFeelsLike. That campaign started July 15th and continues. See below. 
In case you missed it, President Obama released his highly anticipated Clean Power Plan on Monday – the first time the US is regulating carbon emissions from energy production. You can watch the President’s remarks on the day of the release here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/climate-change 
I hope I have given you increased awareness of how important it is to create a healthy environment that promotes healing. Clean air and water is part of that environment. 

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